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Oil Changes

Kia Oil Change Service in Lynn

Our Kia oil change service in Lynn provides customers with a speedy, professional oil change on any make or model you bring through the door. You don’t have to own a Kia or a car purchased at Pride Kia of Lynn to take advantage of our expert auto maintenance and oil change services. In most cases, there’s no need even to drop your car off and ride back later – we’ll tackle your oil change while you wait. When our team handles your routine maintenance and regular service intervals, you get more than just a quick oil change – we provide a complimentary full-service checkup.

Above and Beyond Auto Service for Revere Drivers

We offer you the option to choose between regular or synthetic oil. Synthetic isn’t mandatory in most vehicles – but we recommend it. You get extended mileage out of each oil change, and synthetic blends are much easier on your car’s engine. We’ll also check your cabin filter and do a quick visual inspection, providing our professional opinion on whether it should be changed. But we don’t stop there. After wrapping up with the oil change and air filter, we’ll check and top off all your vehicle’s fluids, including your brake, power steering, and transmission fluids. 

We’ll visually inspect and air all your tires up for you and alert you if we feel that there is significant tread wear or any other cause for concern. We do all this for no additional charge, as a courtesy, to show our appreciation for your business.

Your One-Stop Kia Parts and Service Provider

At Pride Kia of Lynn, we’re more than just an in-and-out oil change provider for Winthrop drivers. We handle all repairs, no matter how big or small. In addition, our parts department only uses genuine OEM components to ensure that any part we replace is built specifically for your model only. This ensures a longer lifespan and a perfect fit when we install the part. 

Stop wasting your time at other Lynn service stations and get your oil changes and other services at Pride Kia of Lynn. Trust us – your car will thank you for it. Don’t forget to check our service and parts specials to save even more money when you need parts or tires!


Full Synthetic Oil:

sludge formation

Reduces sludge formation

With fewer impurities than conventional and blended oils, it helps reduce engine sludge and keeps your oil flowing like it should.

Engine Wear

Provides greater
engine wear protection

With advanced wear protection, it helps fight friction to keep your engine running like new.

Engine Deposits

Helps combat
engine deposits

It can help keep engine surfaces clean, as it combats the formation of harmful deposits by suspending and dispersing contaminants.

High Temps

Performs at
high temperatures

Engine overheating can cause costly damage. It can provide great high-temperature protection between oil changes, even at temperatures as high as 500°F.

Low Temps

Performs in
low temperatures

It is engineered to provide outstanding low-temperature protection to -40°F.

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Does Your Car Have an Oil Problem?

Are There Oil Stains Under Your Car?

If You See Oil Stains On Your Garage Floor Or In Your Driveway, Your Car Could Have An Oil Leak.

Oil leaks can happen because as cars get older, the gaskets and seals begin to break down and the internal oil pressure can push oil through cracks or gaps in these seals. Common areas for oil leaks can include the Valve Cover Gasket(s), Oil Pan Gasket or even the Oil Pan Drain Plug (or “Oil Plug”). If ignored, a small leak could quickly become a large problem and damage the engine due to low oil pressure. If you think your car may have an oil leak, bring your car in and let one of our certified technicians diagnose the source and provide you with the best option for repairing your oil leak today.

Low Oil Pressure Or Low Oil Level Can Be A Serious Problem For Your Car.

Your engine needs to have the right amount of oil in order to stay properly lubricated or you risk permanent engine damage from increased friction. Low oil pressure can be caused by the oil level being too low or by a malfunction with the oil pump or the engine itself. If your dashboard oil pressure warning lamp has come on after starting the car and stays on or if the light comes on while the engine is running (even if it goes off quickly), this means that your car needs immediate attention.

Did Your
Low Oil Pressure / Oil Level
Light Come On?

Superior Dealer Service

Guess who is as passionate about your Kia as you are? Kia factory-trained and certified service team members, that’s who. Not only do they know your Kia inside and out, they will provide you friendly and personalized service you can trust.

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You always take your Kia to your local Kia Authorized Dealer for maintenance.
You receive Kia quality service and Genuine Kia Parts
You take your Kia to your local Kia Authorized Dealer for a quick oil change.
Oil and filter is replaced by factory-trained experts and Genuine Kia Parts are used.

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